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Content Marketing
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Financial Advisors

At LMHinz Marketing, Inc. we know just how important it is for your marketing to not
feel like

Personal finance is a high trust and relationship-based business. That means, your marketing has to take the time to build trust, reinforce your authority, and clearly communicate how you can help your ideal clients – all while remaining compliant in the process.

How many times have you spoken to a marketer who wants to showcase client testimonials on your website or make promises in your marketing message? The SEC is moving toward allowing more freedom for testimonials, but we know that it will be a process when your industry is greenlighted to employ such things. And we also know that you’ll want to make sure you do everything within compliance so when you are audited, you don’t put yourself and your firm at risk.

We get it.

We get it because before LMHinz Marketing, Inc. existed, founder Lisa Hinz worked as the Director of Marketing for a $2 billion RIA in San Diego, CA. We come prepared with not only the marketing expertise you need but the industry knowledge you can’t find just anywhere.

Content Marketing Expertise

Financial Industry Knowledge & Experience

Proven StoryBrand Framework and Results

We are a boutique content marketing agency that provides financial advisors with the services they need to establish, build, and scale your firm so you can grow with the clients you were meant to serve.

Our mission is to help financial advisors grow the lifestyle practice of their dreams.

Our vision is to contribute to a world where more people have access to and understanding of financial services that can help them live and retire better.

In our role as your fractional CMO and content marketer, it is a privilege to join with firms making a difference in the lives of Americans, making financial education accessible and understandable, and guiding people across all different backgrounds and income levels to financial independence. Your purpose is our passion, too. It’s why we’re so enthusiastic about working with you.

Reach more


Have a greater


Build more meaningful


And when you think about marketing in that way – versus get leads quick your business is going to…

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Be more authentic

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Feel more fulfilling and mission-driven

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Grow with purpose

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Attract the client you most want to help

Do marketing that works and really matters.