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min read | Content Marketing

How to Continuously Create Great Content


Creating consistent quality content may seem like a daunting challenge, but it’s more about finding the right recipe than anything else. One way of putting it is to say that great content is not so much about your business or the industry per se but more about the client. Your brand’s story is, in a sense, their story. Your company’s purpose, from the customer’s point of view, is to satisfy their own needs. It’s with this client-oriented attitude that you will have the most success over the long term.

Don’t Be Cliché

Trending topics may seem like a sure thing in drawing your clients’ attention, but that content is trending for a reason. It means that the story has been said, copied, and framed in most conceivable ways by now and you probably shouldn’t even bother with it. There is a chance that your client may see it on your platform first but you can be sure they’ll come across the story at least several more times that day.

Nevertheless, if the story is truly worth sharing, you not talking about it may actually have the adverse effect. Give your own personal and unique spin to it by framing the story from a point of view nobody else has. Use your originality and industry insight to really take advantage of the trending situation and stand out among the masses.

Understanding the Client

Whatever content you end up doing, it will all be for nothing if you don’t understand the wants and needs of your clients. Who are they; what do they like; how do they prefer to consume content (written, podcasts, video, email, etc.)? Is there a certain time of day when they consume your content, be it at work or during the day?

The more information you have about your target audience, the better you will interact with them. For some of these questions, you’ll find the answers by using various digital analytics platforms. For the others, it couldn’t hurt to ask your clients directly. They’ll probably even thank you for caring enough to ask.

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Let It Be Useful

Information just for information’s sake doesn’t seem to cut it these days. It may be a fun read, yes, and the audience may even go “Wow, I didn’t know that!” Where appropriate, think about adding some useful tips or ‘tricks’ that your client can use in their own business and personal life. These actionable takeaways are sure to give more substance to your story than just providing people with facts and data.

Use Client Input and Sprinkle in Your Own Personality

Consider facilitating a social platform or any other form of digital ‘venue’ where you can host your clients in an open discussion. This shouldn’t necessarily be a live event but more like a Facebook group where your clients can open topics and share ideas among themselves.

Not only will this generate interesting content that you may later use, but the simple fact that you’re the host will increase your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness among your audience. What you do with the information provided is up to you, as there are plenty of options available. You could consider creating stories where you address some of the issues by using a more personal attitude and not so much a lecturing one.


Reliable relationships are the cornerstone of every successful business out there. A well-defined content strategy will get you there but only after understanding and relating to your partners in these relationships. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through the business-oriented nature of your relationship as this is what gives your brand the trustworthiness everyone is looking for.